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Conflict requires a pulse, brain optional....

Or perhaps conflict is "heart optional"?

Kauilapele's Blog: More data on that “(in-) Famous Benenson ‘Salvage Program’ Report”, thanks to Dr. Salla…

Posted on 2016/10/22 by kauilapele

[…and it also points out why I’ll likely never be a politician, political analyst, exo-political analyst, or part of a political think tank (like Benenson).] [For more information, please read Dr. Salla’s full article about this.]

Related to this prior post, Dr. Salla sent an email to me which adds more to the “leaked Salvage Program Report.” He also updated his article by adding a video from Anonymous and comments related to my doubts about the document. Here’s a portion of his article add (many thanks for his quick response):

“Many elements in the Salvage Program document appear to be based on an accurate analysis of prospects of the Clinton campaign succeeding as distrust in mainstream media and polling reaches unprecedented heights. The FIRESIGN technology has been well known to many UFO/exopolitics researchers who over several decades have described it as Project Blue Beam.

“Nevertheless, there are a number of issues from the document that raise doubt about its authenticity according to the popular blog author, Kauilapele. These include the document using an old 2012 logo for the Berenson Strategic Group, and an incorrect street address being used for its Washington Office.These discrepancies may be indicative of a hoax, or included in order to introduce plausible deniability in case of any unintended leak.

“While it is possible that the Salvage Program document is an elaborate hoax, it is also very possible that a majority of the information in it is genuine. If so, then Clinton’s Presidential campaign may ultimately rely on a false flag extraterrestrial invasion, which might be a factor in why she and her campaign chair, John Podesta, have repeatedly raised the UFO issue during the election campaign.”

In his email he stated that the old BSG logo might have been used for plausible deniability so BSG could just say, “Oh, no… that’s not us. Look at the old logo.” Another way to take absolutely no responsibility for what they say, write, or do. This was also done with the “billion dollar black gold treasury bonds that Keenan/Wilcock have discussed” (Dr. Salla’s exact phrase).

So, below is the Anonymous video, and below that, the “Salvage Program” document itself.
. (published 10-18-16).

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